Monday, February 8, 2010

Day one.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the world we live in, where it is going, what my part in all of it is. I have come to see that what our generation chooses to do about the problems we face today will be the catalyst for great change or great catastrophe. While I have faith that our government is working hard to fix some things, the rhetoric and red tape makes the process painfully slow. But I know deep down, no matter how much I wish it was not true, that I cannot change the world. I am just one person, and even if I became such an outspoken activist as to rally thousands or even millions of people behind me, at most I would only succeed in changing the state, maybe even the country, but one person alone cannot change the whole world.

But that does not mean I cannot be a catalyst for change on a larger scale. I began thinking more inwardly about the problems I see around me on a daily basis, and what I could do to change them. And then I realized; if everyone sought to make their own worlds better, as in their immediate surroundings that they encounter from day to day, then the overlap between worlds would just keep spreading and eventually bigger change could be seen. It is something that everyone can do, because the steps are so small, and one could see immediate results that benefit you first and foremost and then radiate to those around you.

So, I have started a list of words that I think are important facets of change. Most of them are very general so that each individual has an opportunity to interpret the each one as an action that suits their own world. Some of the steps are not for everyone, but if each person did only one thing then at least it is something. And while I work through these words, focusing on one at a time, I am sure they will overlap and lead into one another like a web. This makes it easy for me to see that by changing one small thing, it changes quite a few more in an outward ripple of sorts.

I hope that this blog inspires you to try to change something in your world as well. Start small, and do not worry if something ends up not working out as you planned. If you have worked on some of these words, please let everyone know. And if you think of something to add to the list, share that as well. Good luck to everyone in their endeavors!

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